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This site was established January 5, 2011 to provide security information for leadership at Houses of Worship to help improve safety and security for all Houses of Worship around the world. There is no site or organization that tracks all crimes against all churches and there is also the fact that many crimes go unreported to avoid bad publicity. However, if you want to get an idea of the various crimes occurring daily against churches large and small located in both rural and urban areas, just sign up for Google alerts under various topic headings, such as, church crime, church shooting, church security, etc and set back and review the numerous responses you will receive and keep in mind that these represent only a small per cent of all the crimes that occur.

As it relates to safety and security, the author of this site thanks God for blessing our country and for allowing us to maintain the best team of men and women in our Military, CIA, FBI NSA and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies to protect our nation and world from terrorist activity and other sorts of crime.

S.A.F.E. Active Shooter Response Plan

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S.A.F.E. Active Shooter Response Plan”

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This site is dedicated to the glory of God who continues to bless our military and law enforcement who are charged with the protection of our people and our country. Without their dedication we would not have freedom to worship as we choose.

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Meet Scott & Kathy Watson

Scott is a security professional who recently dedicated his time to serving in the mission field with his family.