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This site was established January 5, 2011 to provide security information for leadership at Houses of Worship to help improve safety and security for all Houses of Worship around the world. We are approaching 450,000 views and I receive emails from various parts of the world asking requesting assistance.

If you would like a vulnerability assessment of your place of worship please contact Jim McGuffey at

Rates are $400.00 per day plus travel expense. A house of worship with 1-2 facilities takes on average 2 days which includes a written report. Factors such as facility size, complexity of operations, availability of facility members required to take part in the assessment, impact the time on site.

As it relates to safety and security, the author of this site thanks God for blessing our country and for allowing us to maintain the best team of men and women in our Military, CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, NSA, DHS and other law enforcement and intelligence gathering agencies to protect our nation and world from terrorist activity.

While there are Houses of Worship with complex security challenges requiring on-site assistance from a qualified security practitioner, having a basic understanding of the Security Risk Analysis Process will help in assessing threats, hazards and risk potential at your facility and with implementing cost effective security strategies to mitigate threats and vulnerability. This site is dedicated to help all Houses of Worship who seek to improve safety and security at their facilities.

The author of this website has been a security practitioner for 45 years and is one of 150 security professionals world-wide to hold all three ASIS International Board Certifications in security which are accredited by Department of Homeland Security and universities. He has provided security training and security risk assessments for various places of worship in the U. S. and overseas. To learn more about Jim you can visit his website

The author recommends that prior to making security improvements such as adding alarms, CCTV, access control, or guards you should first obtain an understanding of what you are seeking to accomplish and then decide appropriate cost effective security measures to achieve your objectives.  Achieving objectives can be accomplished by conducting a security risk analysis. There are too many sales people out there who want to spend your money with little consideration for your needs. One of the most cost effective security strategies is to improve security awareness within your congregation and this strategy costs very little.

There are also a few security professionals who attempt to sell fear by making you think a shooting is about to occur and you should invest is all sorts of money for armed guards. The truth is that the majority of church crimes involves vandalism and the majority of incidents involve medical issues, many with the elderly. The majority of church incidents and crimes can be prevented and mitigated by managing risk through policies and procedures and a basic alarm system.

The term Houses of Worship is used simply because Jim, although a Christian respects the religious beliefs of others and believes that Christ would have him share best security practices with all faiths in order to protect human life.

Jim has met many Muslims, Hindu and Jewish security professionals working at military and civilian police agencies who face immense challenges in protecting their infrastructure and Houses of Worship against terrorist attacks. He considers it a blessing to have known and worked with these dedicated professionals who are also trying to protect their places of worship from terrorist attack.

If you are a security professional and would like to post an article as other security professionals have done that will help readers improve security and safety for Houses of Worship, please send a note to

In closing, please pray for this website that it will bring glory to God by sharing information to improve safety and security for many. Thank-you and God Bless!

Disclaimer: The articles contained on this website are written for general information purposes only and are not intended to be, and should not be used as, a primary source for making security decisions. The owner of this website may not agree with all of the content contained within the enclosed articles and it is the responsibility of the end users and viewers to evaluate and seek out additional guidance as deemed appropriate for application by local leadership.