Hostile Surveillance Detection for Critical Infrastructures and Soft Targets and Preventive Techniques to Mitigate Risk

We know that ISIS has been operating in all 50 U.S. States and many other countries. We also know that terrorist organizations have a planning cycle which includes conducting hostile surveillance for weeks, months and even years prior to an attack. This seminar will inform participants on the terrorist planning cycle, what hostile surveillants look for, how hostile surveillance is conducted and what preventive security counter measures can be taken to identify hostile surveillance and prevent attacks.
Participants of this one-hour webinar will learn:

  • Terrorist Trends
  •  Surveillance Detection as a security strategy
  • Activities indicative of hostile surveillance
  • Terrorist planning cycle
  • Techniques/Ruses used by hostile surveillants
  • Hostile surveillants requirements
  • Best times in the terrorist planning cycle to identify and report surveillance
  • Brief review of a comprehensive process to protect your facility
  • Who should be trained in hostile surveillance

Presented by: Jim McGuffey, M.A. CPP, PSP, PCI
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 5 at 9am Mountain Time
Duration: 4 0 minutes
Cost: $20 to IFCPP Members, $30 for non-members
Registration is open through Monday, May 4

You will be emailed the link at the date and time (Mountain Time) listed above. You will not need to download any software.