Security Resources

The mission of this website is simply to make information available at no cost to assist Houses of Worship worldwide improve safety and security.  Although this site owner is a Christian, he respects the beliefs of other religions and their right to worship with freedom.

Please share this site with others seeking to improve security.  I want to high light Carl Chinn’s site  as  noted below since I think it is very informative. Carl does a great job tracking and maintaining a data base of church crimes.

Also ASIS, International website has security articles designed to help improve security for Houses of Worship which can be accessed and downloaded at no cost. When accessing ASIS International  “Home Page you will note “Security Tool Kit” on the left side of the Home Page. After entering this area you will note as you scroll downwards “House of Worship” with the articles.



Disclaimer: The articles contained on this website are written for general information purposes only and are not intended to be, and should not be used as, a primary source for making security decisions. The owner of this website may not agree with all of the content contained within the enclosed articles and it is the responsibility of the end users and viewers to evaluate and seek out additional guidance as deemed appropriate for application by local leadership.